Voyage (2011)

Ravel, Olthuis

Trio Suleika

Ravel finished his trio just before the outbreak of the First World War, a war which contributed to the definitive break with nineteenth century art, tradtions and aristocracy. In itself, the pianotrio retains the warm nostalgia of late nineteenth century impressionism as well as an almost lighthearted desire for a radical new, modern and un­known future.

Ten years earlier, Ravel wrote his “Miroirs” for piano solo, from which he transcribed “Alborada del Gracioso” for orchestra just after the war. As a basis for his transcription, Maurice Lammerts van Bueren used both the piano version and the orchestra version.

“Voyage à l’horizon..... seul.....” was especially composed by Kees Olt­huis for Trio Suleika. The work was commisioned in 2006 by Madam Dorine de Vos to recount the life of her late husband, Harry Wich, a famous artist and stage designer for opera productions in Amsterdam and Paris. The work shares its title with one of Wich’s paintings.

This CD with works by Ravel and Olthuis will be Sulei­ka’s third a CD.
Their first CD was a live-registration in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, released by the Dutch broadcasting company AVRO.
The second CD contained trios by Rachmaninoff and  Dvorák

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Trio Suleika

Maurice Lammerts van Bueren piano
Sanne Hunfeld violin
Pepijn Meeuws violoncello

Trio Suleika, founded in 2001, consists of pianist Maurice Lammerts van Bueren, violinist Sanne Hunfeld and cellist Pepijn Meeuws. As one of the top piano trios in the Netherlands, Suleika has been awarded both the Vriendenkrans from the Concertgebouw of Am­sterdam and the Kersjesprijs, a 50.000 Euro award for Dutch en­sembles. Due to a grant by the Bernard Haitink Foundation the trio was enabled to take lessons with Menahem Pressler of the legen­dary Beaux Arts Trio. In 2004 Suleika gained a prominent place in the Dutch music world after having been selected for the national concert series ‘Het Debuut’.

Trio Suleika performs regularly in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam. In 2009, the trio was invited to give two concerts in the prestigious “International Piano Trios” Concertgebouw Series. Furthermore the group made a tour in Sweden and played and taught in Damas­cus (Syria) by invitation of “Damascus Cultural Capital of the Arab World”. In 2009 Suleika performed in Festival Fevis, Paris, as well as the chamber music series of the Musee d’ Orsay. One year later the trio performed in “Festival Mille et Une Notes” in the Limousin, France.

The repertoire of Trio Suleika unites classical works with more chal­lenging music, from which a growing number of works have been commisioned specifically for the group. Moreover, Suleika regularly works with other artists, notably violinist Frederieke Saeijs, and with poet Ramsey Nasr.


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Voyage (2011)

Ravel, Olthuis

Trio Suleika

    Opus Klassiek (2011)

Het Pianotrio van Maurice Ravel stelt de hoogste eisen aan de uitvoerenden, en ze worden op deze cd waargemaakt. In technisch opzicht is alles tot in de puntjes verzorgd, maar dat is uiteraard pas het begin. Het Trio Suleika speelt zich los van de noten. De speelvreugde in het tweede deel maakt de oren klaarwakker, niet alleen door het frisse tempo, maar vooral door de onbekommerde aanpak die een brede glimlach op je gezicht tovert

Siebe Riedstra[read full review]

    Klassieke Zaken (2011)

De combinatie van de compositie van Kees Olthuis met het magnifiek gespeelde pianotrio van Ravel werkt wonderbaarlijk goed.

    NRC (2011)

Het tienjarige Trio Suleika blinkt uit in omfloerste passages.

    De Volkskrant (2011)

De nieuwe Suleika-cd, met pianotrio's van Ravel en Olthuis, laat weinig te wensen over. ( …) Violiste Sanne Hunfeld en cellist Pepijn Meeuws bewijzen zichzelf als meesters van ruis en boventoon. (…) “Maurice Lammerts van Bueren haalt uit zijn piano zowel mos als klokkenspel.

    Luister (2012)

Het woord warmte was het eerste dat in mij opkwam bij de beginklanken van het Trio van Ravel. Warmte in de klank, in het hechte, intieme samenspel en de kwaliteit van de opname.” ..."Tussen de vele goede kamermuziekopnames die uitkomen is deze cd een bijzonder exemplaar. Vanwege de muzikale en speel technische capaciteiten van Trio Suleika, maar ook vanwege het repertoire.

    Music Web International (2012)

The playing in the Ravel Piano Trio is excellent, and is enhanced by a nicely distanced and resonant recording which lends the Trio Suleika an impressionist halo which matches the music ideall. (...) The performance and recordings of the Ravel pieces are beautiful, but it is the work by Olthuis which makes this CD something very special

Voyage (2011)

Ravel, Olthuis

Trio Suleika

Digital Converters: dCS 904 AD / 954 DA
Mastering Engineer: Tom Peeters
Mastering Equipment: Kef Reference series 107
Microphones: B&K 4003, modified by Rens Heijnis
Mixing Board: Rens Heijnis custom made
Producer: Tom Peeters
Recording Engineer: Tom Peeters
Recording location: Westvest90 Church, Schiedam , The Netherlands
Recording Software: Pyramix
Recording Type & Bit Rate: DSD64

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COBRA0034: Voyage
00:57:42   Select quality & channels above
Trio pour violon, violoncelle et piano - Modere
00:09:51   Select quality & channels above
Quartet No.3 - Pantoum -Assez vif
00:04:20   Select quality & channels above
Quartet No.3 - Passacaille - Tres large
00:07:27   Select quality & channels above
Quartet No.3 - Final Anime
00:05:41   Select quality & channels above
Voyage a 'lhorizon.....Seul..... 2006
00:22:50   Select quality & channels above
Miroirs - Alborada del gracioso
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